Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hey all. It's me again. And guess what? I brought pictures!! Yep. You got it. I actually found my OLD camera and took some photos. Sorry about the crappy quality of this first cross stitch photo, but still, after a few years, it's hard for me to take good close up photos without a flash. Once I find the cord for my new camera, the pics will be better, I promise. It's a lot more user friendly than my other one. So anyways, back to this picture. I told you yesterday that I was working on the outline of a cross stitch project. That would be the brown. I'll get back to you with the number of the floss I'm using. This project is probably my second or third piece, with a level of expertise being 3 out of 5 stars. So probably an intermediate piece.

Personally, for only being my second or third cross stitch, I think it's pretty good. Of course, I'm biased, but whatever. I liked the pattern instantly when I saw it in a thrifted pattern magazine, and just had to make it. The problem still remains however. I'm going to go crazy looking for the two previous issues of this magazine (I might post a pic of it tomorrow), because this is the third and last of a set of flower patterns. This is the lily pattern, and the two others are made in the same color scheme, but they're roses and tulips. I really want to make them too, but in the magazine I have now, there are only two tiny pictures, so it's not even like I could develop my own pattern from it. Like I could do that. But you better believe that if I had a good enough picture, I'd try. :)

Next up on the list we have the gloves I'm working on. The fingerless ones with the cable knit pattern. I know that I've spoken about these on numerous occasions, and really, really, REALLY wanted to post yesterday with an in progress picture, but, obviously, my camera cord was missing. So this is what you're getting. :) This morning I finished the first glove, and it turned out pretty good. Sorry I couldn't get a close up of it, but the ones I did take were crap and you couldn't even see the cable. This was the best one I've got. So the needle on the left is the next glove being cast on. You cast on 40 stitches. That was just a random piece of pointless information that I just felt like sharing. So yeah. Here's the link to the pattern: Pattern. so yeah. It's a pretty easy pattern in general, and this is my first time knitting anything other than squares and rectangles, and my first time also working with cables.

So far I really like it. It's just fun for me to see patterns developing in the fabric right before my very eyes. And it's cool to be able to say: "Hey, I made that you know. I know it's awesome. I'm just cool like that." :P. Sorry, I just had to say that. But anyways, check out the pattern if you feel like looking up a cool knitted pattern that works up pretty quickly, and works even for a beginner. (Just so you know, I have absolutely no rights to this pattern. I didn't design it. I just stumbled across it while browsing the web. Like I normally do.)

Just a last picture before we go today. I just liked the way it turned out. The dots in the background are seemingly perfect, and the way that the needles are perfectly place, and the yarn just seems to flow out of it... in reality this pic wasn't posed at all. :) I just plopped the needles down on the background (my bedsheets) and snapped the pic. And it came out perfect. I just thought it was cool. So anyways. Until we meet again... peace.

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