Saturday, November 26, 2011

Layering Experiment

Hey everybody!
Jordan is back with you guys today.
I'm sharing with you a page that I was working on today.
It was sort of a sample/experiment thing that I was doing for my art journaling e-course that I'm working on.
I've already done a couple videos for that course BTW. :)
It's getting so exciting!

I was playing around with different layers and stuff.
I used some markers, gesso, water, and oil pastels.
Not that much into it thus far, but I really liked the way it was turning out.
I randomly picked the beginning colors with my eyes closed.
And they turned out being my favorite colors!
Blue and green.
With blue being my absolute favorite.

Pretty cool huh?
So I hope that you guys liked the video that I posted yesterday, and I'll hopefully be back tomorrow with some more cool stuff to show you.


  1. I may have to steal your color picking trick ;) love how it's looking

  2. :) Closing your eyes to pick colors is SO fun. But sometimes it turns out kind of... insane. Just that much more of challenge, I guess. :D Thanks for commenting!!


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