Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm Baaaackkk!!

Hey everybody!! 
I'm back!!
At least for now. 
I'm sure that you guys are probably wondering where I've been.
Well you see;
I've been working on NaNoWriMo.
That's right all, I'm writing a book.
I find myself very busy with the book and homework.
So it's hard to find time to post on here.

But I hope to do that more often now. 
I have quite a few things to show you.
Including some new storage that I found for my hand painted papers!
A while ago on twitter I was looking for ways to store it.
And I finally came up with something.
I love it so much.
And it works really well.
Especially in comparison to just laying in stacks everywhere.

I know that NaNoWriMo isn't a very good excuse for being gone this long.
And I'm kind of sorry that I haven't been on here so much.
I miss it. 
But those days are gone.
All I can actually make up for is the future. :)
So get ready guys.
I'm going to take you guys for a ride you weren't expecting.
For the next month I'm going to TRY and post every day.
There will be all kinds of interesting content.

Art journal pages.
Manga drawings that I've been doing.
Writing tutorials.
Art journal techniques.
Lists of books that I've been reading and think are good for you to read.
Notes on the book that I'm writing this November.
Updates on my word count.
Pictures that I've taken.
Random things that I just feel like sharing.

It's going to be fun!
But are you ready?
Prepare yourself... because the epic - ness starts now!

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