Tuesday, May 29, 2012


So I worked on another page today. Today's prompts was to consider where you think you are in your life right now. I had a good, long think about this topic, and finally came to my conclusion. I think that I'm in a place where I like to think about things. I want to make sure that they're right. And, most of all, I want to have an opinion. That's something that many people don't know about me. And that is, that I am a very opinionated person. I like to consider all of the possibilities, and then come to an overall conclusion. I like to know that I'm being accurate in my decision, and make sure that I'm correct in the way that I'm thinking.

This is an overall page view of the whole layout/page that I did today. When I started out, I thought that I was going to be using mostly red. That gradually changed into pink, which turned into brown with pink accents. And orange. Orange accents.

There were a lot of layers to this page, and I love how this turned out. One of the problems that I will sometimes have are all of the colors in my page muddling together. I don't like that. However, sometimes, on some days, on some pages, I think it's okay. And I think that this is one of these pages. The way that the different shades of brown and pink merge together add a lot of texture and depth to the page, and I love the way that it blends together.

Also, I thought that I'd share with you the finished spread in my journal. I know that these two pages are two separate pages, but I just thought I'd share something with you. Some people, when they are new to art journaling, struggle with single pages. Their reasoning for this is that they don't like having to make sure that the two pages go together. But here's the thing. With an art journal, it honestly doesn't even matter. In this spread, one page is on the cool side of the color spectrum, and the other page is on the warm side. But it's okay. It looks fine. And nobody's going to judge me because they don't go together. Even if they do, I wouldn't care. My art journal is about what makes me happy! The same should be true for you.

I'm going to leave you today on a rather thoughtful note. I'm going to type out my journaling. I really like the way that it turned out, and I think that the thoughtfulness aspect of it truly represents me.

I have a very unique style. I am composed of a variety of things that make me happy. Me. Not anyone else. Actually, I could care less what other people think. I am a medley of all things me, not a collage of all things everyone else. Some people might consider my style eclectic, while I prefer to consider it mine. The point I feel I am in right now, in my own life, is a time when I think everything through to the extent that it needs to be. I am always thinking about my own take on things; always considering a new aspect to life. To my style. To my medley of me.

And that would be that! I hope you guys have a good rest of the day, and I'll talk to you later!

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