Friday, January 18, 2013

Divide - 52 Sparks #1

Hey everyone! I know it's been a while long while since I've been on here, but I'm around now! 

I'm stopping in to share with you guys a page that I have just created. I've done this for several challenges, and it's been a great deal of fun. I've missed art journaling; I'm quite glad that I've gotten back into it. 

Let me start off by saying that I have started a new journal. For 2013. My goal for this year is that, at the very least, this journal will be fully completed. I will be a happy camper if that goal comes into completion. A grand total of 200 pages. 100 sheets, front and back. And this is number one.

The major challenge that I did this page for was Dale's 52 Sparks challenge. A weekly prompt to do. I'm a bit behind though, so I'm going to try and catch up. 

The first prompt was to create a page that showcased your word for the year.

My word for the year, though it took quite a bit of thought to determine, is "divide". I'm going to work to divide my time a bit more evenly throughout all areas of my life, so that I don't only have time for school, but also for art, reading, and also WRITING, which I've been doing quite a bit of lately.

There were a lot of layers involved in the creation of this page, and I hope you enjoyed looking. I'm currently working on several other things, including a challenge of my own that will be coming at you, including a video and link post TOMORROW. :)

I'm so glad to be back, and I've been having a whole lot of fun with it. I'll see you then!

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  1. Great word Jordan! Welcome to the 52 Sparks journaling project. I look forward to seeing your weekly posts.


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