Monday, June 6, 2011

Linky Monday #4

Hello all! I'm back with all of you again with another Linky Monday. Be prepared; I have even more links than last week, if that's even possible. I don't know exactly how many I actually have, but I do know it's a lot. I hope you guys like visiting around; I know I do!! Let's get started then, shall we?

An excellent post/tutorial on doodling on fabric. It's really cool.
Painting/creating your own fabric. This one's pretty sweet too.
Another really cool looking ATC. I love looking at pics of these, and I love this one!!
A really nice post simply full of art journal and scrapbook pages. They are all so inspirational!!
Another dyed fabric post. Oddly enough I've never dyed fabric.
An AMAZING artist's studio. I'm sitting here drooling in my seat right now.
Some experimental art journal pages that Eveline is doing to go along with a free e-course. I'm considering joining.
Some more ATCs. Stunning.
A really pretty art journal page. I love it. Simply love it.
How CUTE are these hand carved house stamps?? Simply adorable, that's how much.
Hand painted faces. I love these. They're so cool!
This is a really cool scrapbook page. Normally I'm not that into scrapbooking anymore, but this one I'm totally loving!! More collage like.
Uhhh yeah. Cute doodled robots alert!! I love 'em. I wish I could draw 'em.
Finished art journals. You gotta love them. Too bad I haven't finished one yet.
How cool is this?? I love finding creative ways to fix mistakes!!
Weekly zentangling challenges. Cool.
First off, he's a guy who quilts. And if that wasn't cool enough, the blocks are to die for!!
A certain type of pen review. For getting words on dark backgrounds.

So that's today's post. I hope you guys enjoyed visiting all those links I had for you today! :)

NOTE:: I know the journal page shown above I've already shown you. Sorry about that. But technically I can't do much about it. :)

One last thing before i leave however; I've decided to host a free art journaling class/course for all you creative people out there! It's going to be called Paint, Stitch, Play and it's going to be all about experimenting in your journals and learning not to be afraid to just let loose and create in your journals!! There will be prompts galore!! More to come!! Talk to you guys later!!


  1. oh jordan you are sooo cute. i visited all your links. i literally snorted out loud when i saw you called my post "amazing artist studio" ha! anyway, totally looking forward to your art journaling course! :)

  2. LOL. Well it is a pretty awesome studio! :) Thanks for the comment though! Glad to see there's somebody out there reading!

  3. What a great post! Thanks for visiting my blog Jordan!

  4. Of course! Your blog is marvelous!!

  5. love linky posties...sharing the wealth of ideas and eye candies :-D


  6. Thanks so much for sharing a link to my blog, Jordan! :-) I can't wait to look at all of the blogs you shared!

  7. Thank you so much for the link. And please don't just 'consider joining', but join in with the fun over on!

  8. Thanks Di, APG, and Eveline!!

    Eveline, I think I probably will join; I'm still trying to decide what to use though... :)


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