Sunday, May 29, 2011

Creative Experiments #1

Okay, I'm finally back, and this time with pictures!! My camera cord is still lost, but I managed to upload some pictures using my phone. I'm sorry it doesn't really take the best of photos, but I guess some photos are better than none. I know I like to see at least one when I'm looking at a blog. Especially when I really want to see what they mean. But now that I have new pictures, I can start to write about them and not ramble about random stuff. :)

This is going to be the first creative experiments post. I touched on this as a possible topic in the last post, and even though I didn't get any response, I'm just going to go on ahead with it. Basically, I'm just going to be experimenting with my supplies; seeing all the different things that each of my things can do, and pushing them to their absolute limit. And then I share my progress and the things I've been doing on here with you guys. So today's post is about one of the many things you can do with white acrylic paint. I decided to go with how well you blend with it. The background above was a failed attempt at trying to get a watercolor effect with NON water soluble colored pencils. Hehe. I thought that I might as well give it a shot. Well, I hated the effect. So I decided to try and blend with the paint.

Basically, I just took a bunch of white paint and then blended/massaged it into the colored pencil with my paintbrush. That helps the color to show through the paint, basically just making the whole thing just a couple shades lighter. In my honest opinion, I think that makes the entire page just that much easier to work on, even if my finished pages end up dark. Just a thought. My opinion.

The finished thing, after white paint, is shown above. I liked it a lot. In order to get that aged effect, though, I had to take a baby wipe and wipe away a few layers in certain areas. I love the aged look, and when it was finished it totally reflected my style, which automatically made it an excellent starting point for one of my pages. For my style (bright, layered, stamped, and distressed), this was perfect, and even though my finished pages ALWAYS end up dark, I started on the light page and it worked perfectly.

After the page was done, this is what it looked like. I LOVE this page, and you can't even tell that it started out as something that I hated. I love the way the colors just go together perfectly, and look like I made a lot of complicated decisions. I totally didn't. I would just look over and see something and think "hey, I bet that could work on my page". Then I would put it on. I used acrylic paint, white and colored, stamps of all types (carved, acrylic, rubber, and found), stamped with both paint and ink. I also used masking tape, water soluble pastels, stencils, and foam letters for the title.

That's the end of this creative experiment; though it doesn't really reflect it on the finished page, adding that one layer of white acrylic paint actually helped me a lot in the long run. I think that if I would have just worked directly onto the color pencil, I don't think it would have turned out quite as well. Maybe that's something to experiment with. Anyways, tomorrow I think I'll do a link post, with a TON of links I've found this week... I've been bookmarking them all. :) Then tuesday, expect a nice post with an update on my Collage Unleashed project! See you guys tomorrow!

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