Wednesday, July 11, 2012

30-30-30 Challenge: COMPLETED

Hey guys! I'm here with you guys again today, with the completion of my 30-30-30 project! I actually finished this project a few days ago (the 9th). But I decided to hold it off for a few days, so that I would have some time to prep the blog post for today. The first page that I want to show you guys today is a page that I was working with some specific colors. I wanted to work with circles again as well, and I really enjoy the way that this page turned out.

Here's a bit of a close up of the texture that I was able to achieve with this particular page. I scraped a bunch of color over the page, then added some stenciled circles. Then I painted around the edges of the circles with purple paint. 

And here is the final page for this challenge. These two pages still need to have journaling added to them, but that will probably be completed sometime in the next few days, since I didn't use anywhere near the amount of time that I had set aside for either of them. Which, of course, was 30 minutes. I probably used about 20 on each of them. Which leaves me plenty of space/time to write all over these pages. My biggest problem, I think, is going to be figuring out how to bind the single pages. If anybody has any ideas, please let me know. I would be eternally grateful.

Now I'm going to do a bit of a showing of all of the pages that I have completed throughout this challenge. The photos are going to be in groups of four, except for the final two, because that's simply the way the numbers turn out when you organize in this way, and only have 30 pages. 32 and I would have 4 in every photo. Though you guys probably could have figured that out. This is the first four pages that I completed for this challenge. The first two are when I was really trying to start to get into the flow of the challenge, and really wasn't sure where I was going with it. The second two I enjoy very much, as this was when I was starting to develop a style for this journal.

With these pages, I like all of them, with the exception of the brown one in the lower left corner. I just think that I went a little overboard with the journaling. I should have stopped when my muse told me to stop. I shouldn't have continued. My favorite would be in the UPPER left hand corner. This is very easily my favorite page of the ENTIRE CHALLENGE.

I love all of these pages with a passion. My favorite though, if I have to pick one, is the one in the upper right hand corner. With that page, I fixed a "mistake" and turned it into something that I loved 100 times more than the original. Plus, I think the tab coordinates beautifully with the overall feel of the page. I also really enjoy the upper left hand page, with the Dr. Seuss quote. I just love it.

I'm starting to get into a sort of rhythm here. I love all of these pages. Although my favorite here would be the one in the lower left hand corner. I just think that the colors and patterns that I decided to use go so well with the photograph. I love EVERYTHING about this page. Although, looking at the photo above, the one in the upper right hand corner feels extremely out of place to me. There's no title, no painting, no journaling; it's nothing like the other pages in the journal.

This, for me, is a delicious little group of pages. Seriously. With some of my pages, I'll simply look at them, and be surprised at what I see. I think that I've talked about that before on the blog. With this photo, I find it almost impossible to decide upon a favorite page. However, I could choose a least favorite. And I think that would be the one in the upper right hand corner. The colors just aren't me. But I like it anyways. Just not as much as the others. Both of the pages on the left really speak to me.

In this little bundle, my favorite, without a shadow of a doubt, would be the one in the lower left hand corner. It's just so neon; it pops in your face. I love everything about it, even though I do wish that it had some journaling on it. With some of these pages, I think I might go back and add journaling where there isn't any. I don't think any day did I go over, or right up to my time limit, so it should be okay. And if not, then that's okay too. This is my art journal, and I can do with it what I please.

This is where the journal gets a little bit tricky. I don't enjoy either of the pages on the bottom. The lower left is a bit better for the lower right. But they just stick out like a sore thumb. Plus, they are extremely similar, which I don't really enjoy. However, my favorite of this batch would be the one in the upper left hand corner. I think the colors go very well with the photo. Plus, I love the wonky circles. And the journaling lines.

And here we are, right where we started. With the last two pages of my journal.  If I had to pick between the two of these pages, I would pick the one on the right. I think that the bright, in your face colors are a bit more my style than the purple and green color combo. Although those two colors are my dad's favorite colors. They remind me of Barney though.

And then, the last couple of photos that I would like to share with you guys would be the finished stack of pages, arranged in the order that they are going to appear when they are finally bound. I will be so happy when that happens. Seriously. My first finished art journal. It's quite an accomplishment for me. I guess that's what comes of using composition notebooks that have a total of 200 pages when they are done. Here you can see all of the layers of tabs, showing the dates that I created them.

And here they are from the side. You can see what a thick, juicy stack that this has become. Full of collage, painting, doodling, journaling, and photographs, this journal has become a part of me; an expression of everything that I am. I explored many different topics in this journal, using the writing to express how I felt about each. And I thought that it was amazing. I might be doing something like this again sometime. But then again, maybe I won't. 

Thanks for visiting me guys! And again, if any of you have any idea at all of how to bind single pieces of paper, I'd be grateful for the advice! See you tomorrow!

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