Sunday, July 8, 2012

31 Hearts and ICAD

Hey guys. I have a bit of a shorter post for all of you guys today, as I'm trying out a new setup for the blog, and this is part of the transition. I did a bunch of other art stuff today as well, but I'm going to be sharing that stuff later this week. Let's just say that, with the new set up, I hope to have some days specifically for some of the projects that I have started in the past; such as my work through of the book Collage Unleashed, and my Creative Experiments posts. As well as some tutorials, hopefully. Also, I have a bunch of In The Sun class pages that I'm hoping to share with you guys later this week. However, for the time being, I would like to share just a couple things, starting us out with my 31 Hearts page.

As I've said before, I've really enjoyed these pages. And today, I decided to use the hearts around the edges of the page as a sort of border instead of the main focus of the page, which I have tried in the past. You guys have seen plenty of those. And I have plenty more of those ideas to come. I just thought that it would be a good idea to add some variety in. Everybody needs some of that, right? I think so. I do like the way that this page looks though. It's really starting to grow on me. I love the texture that was achieved, even though I'm not really sure how I got it.

And today, I'm also going to share my ICAD with you guys. You can see the zebra striped heart? That was a stamp that I made out of fun foam and cardboard from a cereal box.I love the way that these stamps turned out (I made two of them, with one being the reverse of the other), and thought that this card turned out pretty good. It was nice doing a bunch of painting, after so much doodling. At least I thought it was.

That's all I have for you guys today though, so I'll talk to you guys later!

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