Sunday, July 15, 2012

ICAD Cards and Painted Fabric Swatch

Okay. So I have decided that, today, I really want to share with you guys my ICAD project. I have a total of four cards to present to you today; today's card is going to have to wait until another day. I can't believe that I am honestly almost at the end of this challenge. It's been crazy. But I've enjoyed it immensely. So let's get started, shall we?

The first card that I would like to show you is composed of many layers of paint, stamping and collage. This feels very much my style, and I love the way that it turned out. I thought that it looked okay before I added the flowers for the stamping, but after that, I loved it. And the collage just added the perfect touch, in my personal opinion.

The next card that I would like to share with you is kind of different than the work that I normally do when you think about the colors. But I do like it. I can't even remember how I made this card exactly, but I do know that there were a lot of layers involved. I didn't like how some of them were turning out, and so I added more to it. And, eventually, I got myself to a place where I was comfortable stopping.

This card was extremely simple. All I did was rub a couple of ink pads onto the background, then wet it down with water to give it an effect that was almost reminiscent of watercolor. I added the stamping with a foam stamp and acrylic paint (seems to be my signature) and then added the words. And that was that.

The final ICAD card that I want to share with you guys today is sort  of interesting in comparison to the rest of the cards. It looks okay in the picture, but I don't know if I'm all that fond of it. All of the colors got extremely mucky and they all mixed together to create one shade. But the stamping on top sort of saved it for me. 

And that's it for the ICADS.

However, I do have something else to share with you guys today. This is a swatch of painted fabric that I was working on. I saw something on pinterest today (actually it was many months ago, but I decided to do something about it today) that was actually a dress that was created from hand painted fabric. I got to thinking, and realized that it would make a really cool homecoming or prom dress. Even though I'm not big into dresses or getting all dressed up for that sort of thing, if I made the dress myself, it might be a little better, since I can make it in such a way that I would be comfortable, and not have to worry about the top being too low, or the skirt being too high, or both at the same time.

Here's a bit of a close up of the texture. I really like the way that this piece turned out. Honestly, the whole thing was a bit of a test. I was just experimenting with painting on fabric. And I think that there will probably be a lot more experimentation before I take on a dress. But a nice homecoming dress might be in the works. Might being the key word, of course. But it would be cool to kind of show the process here on the blog. Maybe I'll do some sketches tonight, before I go to bed. I've been designing some dresses lately anyways. 

Anyways. Thanks for following me and my bunny trails, and I'll catch you tomorrow! Bye!


  1. I saw your Guest spot in the Balzer Arts, It was amamzing. I wanted to ask you about Gesso. Being new to this world of art journaling, I'm kina going with what I have been reading as far as using gesso, or golden matte medium.
    yesterday I came across both black and grey Gesso. intrigued i bought the black, but have never seen it used. Have you ever used it, and how did you apply it? Thank so much.

    1. Hi Kimberly!

      Here's the thing about me and gesso; I generally don't use it. At least, not as much as a lot of others do. I don't think that it is necessary to thicken, or otherwise prep the paper. However, I do sometimes use it simply to add texture. I have only ever used the white though, even though I have often considered other colors.

      A note about colored gesso though; you can easily color white gesso with paint or ink. It is a really cost efficient way to stretch your supplies. Also, to apply the gesso, it can depend very much upon the effect that you are looking to achieve. You can use a paintbrush, a card to scrape it on, a pallet knife, a sponge; whatever you can find that you think would add a nice texture. Perhaps I could do a tutorial on gesso? Different ways to apply it? Let me know what you think!

  2. Stopping by via Balzer Arts to tell you how much I enjoyed your guest post! Keep up the awesome work! Based on the extensive work you've already done and documented on your blog, I'm just wondering if by any chance you homeschool. Just thought I'd ask. We do, and I think my 15 y.o. daughter would be inspired by your blog :) (Well, she would be regardless of whether or not you homeschool, but it's always fun to find other hsers ;)

    1. Hi xinme!

      Thanks so much for the encouragement! And now for your question. Homeschooling. See, that's kind of a funny question, because I just started a private school my freshman year (which was last year). But, before that, from K-8th grade, I WAS homeschooled. :) Thanks again for visiting!



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