Thursday, July 19, 2012

ICAD Cards: #45 - 49

Hey guys! I'm back with you guys again today, and this time with an ICAD update. Sorry that I wasn't able to post on the blog yesterday, but I've decided that I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I don't have to post on the blog EVERY day in order to be a success, which was pretty much my mindset before. I'll make it my goal to post every day, but if there's ever a day when I just don't feel in the mood, I'm not going to push it. I'm just going to do a post when I feel like it. Which is pretty much every day anyways.

So. Let's get started, shall we? Today I have a total of five cards to share with you guys, and each of these cards was done on the lined side with a pencil. These are my first pencil cards. And I rather liked the way that the majority of them turned out. I guess I was going for a sort of mini series. The first card was just playing around with different three - dimensional boxes in different shapes. I just wanted to work with these shapes; I've been drawing these little boxes for fun for a while now. And I just wanted to do them on a card. Don't ask me why, because I honestly don't know.

The next card that I want to share with you was composed of a bunch of noses. None of these are extremely good, but that's why we practice, am I right? I was working with realistic looking noses on this card, though I could have easily thrown in a couple of cartoon or manga noses into the mix, as I do with some of my later cards. I learned, from my dad, that noses are primarily drawn with shading. Though I think that part of the reason that these noses don't look very good is because they aren't part of a face. I mean, if the nose is part of a drawing of a face, then you can work the shading into the face as well, making it look better overall. I don't know though. That could just be a guess. Though I have done faces in the past with this type of nose, and they turned out fine.

The next card I was playing around with some different types of eyes. I did a pair of cartoon eyes, a single realistic eye, and a couple of manga eyes. I wanted a pretty good mix on this card; I might even go back to it. I'm not sure. I think my favorite eye is the manga one to the far left. I just love the shape of it. 

The next card is composed solely up of different sketches of lips. I did these in different ways; tried out different shapes for the different "layers" that create lips, tried different textures, different methods of shading, different lengths and heights, etc. I just really wanted to have fun with this. There are no lips here that are extremely "realistic", per say. But with a bit more texture, a few of them could be.

And then, of course, my final drawing that I want to leave you guys with this evening is a card that I completed just this evening. It was also done with pencil, the same as the rest of the cards, and on the lined side of the paper index card. I did a mandala. I think this is my first mandala for this challenge, and as I hadn't done one in a long while, I found it quite pleasing to do. It was quieting, comforting, and gave me a chance to play with line and design. And it was fun.

Anyways. That's all I have for you guys tonight. Tomorrow I will most likely be sharing with you guys my FINAL Summer of Color 2012 collection, and may or may not show a collective view of all of the papers. And maybe I'll mention something about the idea that I have for these papers that I've been doing. I'll see you guys then.

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