Sunday, February 17, 2013

Beauty: Daily Art Journal Page

Hey everyone! I know I wasn't on here yesterday, but I actually do have a legitimate reason for that. I was gone all day, and didn't have time to do any art at all. It was a Saturday, my dad was home from work, and we all just wanted to hang our as a family. Every now and again I'll have a day like that. A lazy day, when I don't feel like doing anything. Nothing at all. Just going out and having fun as a family. And I'm not going to beat myself up over something like that. Yes, I miss the blog when I don't do it for extended periods of time. But a day here and there isn't going to kill me. I hope you guys understand. :)

Anyways, now that I've gotten that cleared up, let's get on to the actual art now, shall we?

I decided to go with a face page today. I know I don't do a whole lot of these, and I'm hoping to change that a bit. I'm not quite sure what inspired me to create this page, but I quite like the way it turned out. It just so happened that I'm actually not horrible at creating face portraits; I just feel intimidated by them. I'm not sure why. I just always have. 

Here's a bit of a close up of some of the facial details. I didn't use a tutorial, or use another photo for reference. I did this completely on the fly, from the top of my head. For that, I would say this is pretty good. Of course that's me. And I'm extremely biased. It's not a problem. It's just a fact. My biggest problem with creating faces, at least that I've found, is matching the colors. I'm not quite sure what it is about it, but I have the most difficult time matching hair and eye colors with the colors of lips and clothing. I think it might have something to do with the face that I don't wear a lot of make up. Because of that, I tend to have difficulties when trying to make it look like my creations are wearing some. 

Here's a bit of a close up of the background, just so you can see what's going on. There is a very likely possibility that I will go back and add into this background in the very near future. I'm not very satisfied with it personally; I don't think it covers up enough space and seems very random and unfinished to me. A few more layers, working it into the hair, would probably do the page a lot of good. And journaling, as always, will be added later. 

Here you can see the hair a little bit better. I'm not exactly sure what made me decide to go with an orange hair color, but I'm glad I did. I think it fits the mood of the page perfectly, and really goes with how I was feeling at the time I made it. 

And now, just one last photo for you guys before you leave. A close up of the facial details themselves. I think the nose is my favorite part. It just turned out so nicely. I was really worried that it was going to look overworked in the finished piece; there was really no way of knowing for sure, and I was kind of going out on a wing. However, everything turned out in my favor in the end, and for that I am grateful. 

Thanks for coming to visit me everyone, and I'll talk to you again next time! Goodbye everyone. 

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  1. Love the intense look you gave her!!! And the colours you used go together really well! Thank you for joining us at TioT!!

    die amelie x

  2. Gorgeous art journal page!
    ... thanks for joining us at TIOT
    xxx Ellie xxx

  3. what a great background, really makes the image stand out.thank you for joining us at TIOT.EE


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