Monday, February 18, 2013

Flight of the Butterflies: Daily Art Journal Page

Hey guys! What's going on?

I didn't have a whole lot of time to create today, as I had to study for an Anatomy test I have tomorrow (I still need to do some more of that) and I also had to clean my room. So even though I didn't really go anywhere today, I was pretty busy. However, I did manage to carve aside a tiny bit of time to create; a lot of my pages as of late seem to have been created later in the evenings in the time span of about an hour. Sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less; I don't really time myself. It's pretty much just an estimate. 

Here's a bit more of an up close of the title. There is a bit of deeper meaning to what I have here, I promise. I'm not just talking randomly about butterflies migrating. I actually just watched a movie by the title of this in an IMAX theater the other day at MOSI. I was so inspired by their colors that I just had to create a page around them. However, the black and orange of a monarch butterfly were just too halloween - like for my taste. So I added in the blue. That really helped me.

Also, one of these days, I need to show you guys the method I've come up for organizing the letters that I've cut out from magazines and newspapers. I used to store them in plastic baggies, but that got really annoying to try to mess with. One day, I promise I will show you. The sorting itself is very tedious, but I generally do it while my mind is busy doing something else; watching television or the like. In fact, just this evening I was watching a recording of the All-Star NBA game that came on last night, and was sorting out the letters while watching that. However, I need to try to find the last two periods of that game online somewhere, as they didn't record on my VCR. That makes me sad. 

Anyways. One last picture for you guys before I go; a detail picture of the background itself. I can definitely see myself pulling out the typewriter and putting some some simple journaling inside of this star. Why not, right? It looks like it would fit perfectly, if I'm being completely honest. Maybe a quote from the movie, or something about the emotions that I felt while I was watching it? Again, I'm not really sure. However, sometimes I just need to let things sit for a while before journaling. I think this is going to be one of those pages.

Thanks for looking guys! And I'll see you next time! :)

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  1. Wow! love your journal pages ~ very creative and expressive ^_^


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