Friday, February 15, 2013

Joy: Daily Art Journal Page

Hey guys! What's up? Hopefully you had time to get done everything that you wanted to today, and, if not, I hope you enjoyed yourself anyways. :P

Today I had a half a day of school, so I got home at noon. However, I was exhausted, and passed out on the couch, not getting up until around four-ish. So it was like I had a full day of school anyways. I managed to push that aside, and got to doing some art, using a concept I had come up with yesterday. You see, for Valentine's Day, I received a red carnation from someone at school, and a whole bunch of white ones from my dad. So I put them together in a vase, and I really liked the way they looked; the red contrasting the white. So I decided that I wanted to paint them. Which was strange for me, as I'm not much of a realistic painter.

However, I really like the way they turned out. Somehow, even though they barely even resemble carnations, I still was able to express the emotion that I had wanted to through this page. I also was able to document a moment in my life; one that I would have written down in a journal if I would have had one instead. That's what I love about art journaling. It's a documentation of your life through pictures and art. That's cool to me. It gives me a chance to keep a consistent journal, without having to forget about painting, which I also really enjoy.

Something else I love about this page is that I was somehow able to keep true to myself in the creation of this page. Just by looking at it, I can tell that it's mine. That makes me happy. And definitely gives me confidence; a desire to move forward in my work. 

I had a lot of fun in the creation of this page, and was glad to see it through to the end. In the beginning, when I first started it, I wasn't sure what was going to become of it. I wasn't sure if everything was going to work out in my favor or not. But I had to be willing to try. That's the thing about art journaling, I think. You cannot be afraid to try new things. To try to incorporate new and different things into your work. You just can't. If you are intimidated, then you can never proceed. You can never grow as an artist. That's why I keep working in areas like this. And in the area of painting faces. Because I'm not good at them, I try them anyways. I was actually considering doing a face page tomorrow. We'll see.

Anyways. I hope you guys enjoyed looking at today's art, and I'll talk to you all again soon! Goodbye everyone. 


  1. Your instinct is correct. It lead you to this lovely page. I don't have time for every blog in a hop so I go where I'm drawn and your linky drew me in. Its a wonderful page. *smile*

  2. Beautiful roses, I love that page. Saludos

  3. What a gorgeous journal page, I love the style of the flowers, the background and really cute that you wrote on the vase. Lovely!

  4. I think this is a lovely page and like you I like to keep pushing myself into areas that I don't feel comfortable in... makes it interesting ...xx

  5. Great page!! Very pretty!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. I think this page is fantastic! HPPF!

  7. Jordan, this is great! i love what you did with the background and those black lines around the flowers are fantastic. Yes, that's what i love about journaling too... a LOT less pressure than painting on canvas. Anything goes and if you screw it up - it's only a page. Thanks for sharing! xox

  8. Wonderful journal page! Very pretty.


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