Monday, February 11, 2013

Forget - Daily Art Journal Page

Hey everyone! I'm here again with you guys today, with yet another art journal page. I worked with some more prompts again today; so far I've really been enjoying doing that. 

Before I get started with today's post however, I would like to make a comment. Even though today's page looks like a spread, it actually isn't. I had originally planned to work over the two pages of the journal, but after I had started to try to work it out, I finally decided against it. Tomorrow's page will be built over top of the page on the right. It will add more layers. More texture. More color. And hopefully more interest and depth. Anyways. Onto today's page.

Here is today's page. The idea came about when I was trying to consider what would happen if I became just the slightest bit more graphic with my art. I tend to add a lot of layers in my work, and then one stenciled pattern over the top to add the graphic qualities. So that it doesn't look like everything is blended together. However, I thought it would be interesting to try some freehand paint doodles, just to see what happened. And I have to say, I quite enjoyed the result.

 There aren't very many layers on this page in particular, but that is because I became happy with it so quickly. It is very possible that I could have continued on with more paint and perhaps some stencils. However, I didn't want to ruin what I already had. I loved it far too much. I started off with a random layer of green collage as my base. I took a bunch of my own hand painted papers and simply tore them up randomly. Then I added some lime green paint to the top of that. After that, I added the paint doodles in orange. The oil pastel border followed soon after, as well as the title and journaling, which is actually a quote that I found on the internet. It felt so relevant to me right now that I felt I had to incorporate it. 

I also added some "X's" to the edges/border of the page because of a prompt. The second daisyyellow Prompt6ix has "Treasure Hunt" as one of it's prompts. The first think I thought of, naturally, was "X Marks the Spot." And I decided to use that. 

I had a lot of fun creating this page, even though it didn't take me very long to make. It seems that's how the majority of my things have been lately, as I do have so much going on with school. I personally don't really mind how long something takes me, as long as I'm happy with the result. Anyways.

I thank you guys for visiting me here today, and I'll see you all next time! :)


  1. I think the closeup sections of your page look just as interesting as the whole! I also enjoyed reading about your processes. The colour and transparencies are great!
    Thank you for taking part in Mandarin Orange Monday:)


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