Saturday, February 2, 2013

Calm - Daily Art Journal Page: 52 Sparks

What's happening everyone? Jordan here, with yet another daily art journal page for all of you. Today I actually worked one of Dale Anne Potter's 52 Sparks prompts; the third one for me. She is currently on five. I'm hoping to catch up eventually.

However, today's prompt was to document your favorite color.

Using this page as your example, I'm sure that you can very plainly see that my favorite color is blue. I felt the need to add little bits of red to the page however; I don't think that really pulls the focus TOO far away from the blue. 

First off, I would like to comment that I created this spread in my magazine journal, rather than in my daily art journal for 2013. Or, perhaps, as is probably more realistic, my not so daily art journal for 2013. In other words, just my 2013 journal. This is created in what was once a Delias clothing catalogue. I love the layers that it adds, and I'm recycling. Always a good thing.

For the body, I actually just whited out/colored a body outline that was already there in the catalogue. So I just added my colors and layers on top of that. As you can see in this photo, I didn't really try too hard to keep the girl separated from the background. I like the look of it better when it sort of blends in. That kind of makes it feel, at least to me, like it was actually meant to be there, instead of just being an afterthought. 

Also, I tried, at the very beginning of this page, to add some facial details to this figure. However, I decided that I liked it better without those details, and just painted over it again. That's another thing that I love about art journaling. It's so easy to fix your "mistakes", if you can even call them that. 

Here you can see some of the smaller details of this page, where I added a couple more tiny red hearts to the bottom of the left hand page, to try to tie everything together just a bit better. 

Overall, I really like this page, and I think that it's kind of cool that everything works so well together. I didn't have any idea, at all, going into this, about what I wanted this page to look like. So, taking that into consideration, I think this page extremely successful.

Thanks again everyone for visiting, and I'll talk to you guys later!

Linking to 52 Sparks and Try it on Tuesday!


  1. Oh yes I also think your spread is extremely successful. I loke it and how clever to take a cataloguegirl to bring her to your own art! FAB!
    and recycling is always a great thing!

  2. Great take on the challenge, love your girl. Thanks for playing with us on TIOT.

  3. this is really inspirational, thank you for joing us at TIOT. dead cool.EE


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