Saturday, February 9, 2013

Heart Investigation 1.2: {Torn}

Hey everyone! I'm here with you guys again today; sorry that I wasn't able to share anything with you guys yesterday. I wanted to, but my brothers had some friends over, and we were playing Call of Duty. I was distracted. And I didn't do any are at all.

So today I wanted to make up for that, and do yet another Heart Investigation page. I've really been enjoying this, and my 2013 journal in and of itself actually looks really cool. It's a bit more cohesive than my journals have been in the past, which I really enjoy. 

Today I was working with a daisyyellow prompt; the very first Prompt6ix prompt. There are quite a few more that I have to catch up with, but I was inspired to attempt this one. And I personally quite enjoy the result.

Quite a few of these pages still need journaling added to them, and I will eventually get to that. One day, when I'm really in the mood to get some of my emotions out, I'll get my typewriter out, and just type a bunch of journaling segments based on page titles. 

In this photo, you can see some of the heart pencil doodles I did in the background of this page. I only had a couple of layers down when I decided to add them in. I thought it would look cool, and would just add that much more depth to the idea for the page. And I think that it accomplished what I wanted it to. I personally quite enjoy it.

That's something that I've noticed myself saying quite a bit more as of late. And I wouldn't say that's necessarily a bad thing. It's good that I'm confident in myself. That I enjoy my own work. Of course I love looking at other artist's work. Much more than I enjoy looking at my own. But when I can look at my own personal piece of art and smile, I feel a sense of accomplishment. That's always a good thing.

Finally, I'll talk about the heart itself that I was working on. After all, this is HEART Investigation. The idea for the page came from the prompt on daisyyellow, one of which was "decision". I can never make tough decisions. And it's a horrible feeling for me personally. So I'm always extremely torn internally. So I took a heart, and I tore it in half. Meaning on multiple levels. That's also something that I enjoy in artwork, or in any type of media, including books or movies. And that is a meaning. A good concept. It draws you in, and interests you. That's what I'm trying to accomplish with my art. An intrigue. A pull. Something that makes people want to look.

Anyways. I thank you guys for checking me out, and I'll talk to you guys later!

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  1. Nice journal. I feel the same way. It's great when you feel proud of something you make.


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