Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Creative Ideas 6.3

So here we are again. In the same situation that we find ourselves each and every day. I'm sitting here at my screen. And you're sitting there at yours. :) I'm bringing back to you guys another series. I know that you've seen this one before, and I'm trying to bring it back. It's the Creative Ideas posts! I always loved these posts, where I would give you a bunch of ideas to use on your pages, and then you would work on them, and post them in the comments. And then I would get to go and see all of the amazing creations that you guys made from  my prompts. :) I loved it. I don't know what made me stop doing it. But now I'm bringing it back. And so, without further ado, I'll give it a go ahead.

  • Flip to a random page in your journal, add a couple of layers to it, and post before and after pictures for all of us to see.
  • Look at a painting. It may be a well known one, or something that a friend of yours created. In any case, it can't be something that you made. Draw your inspiration from that piece.
  • On the opposite side of the spectrum, look at an old piece of yours. One of the ugliest pieces you've ever done. I know you have them. I sure do. It's up to you to decide which one. Now take that, and find something you like about that page. Build another page around that element.
  • Make a page with the only colors being muted earth tones, and a single jewel tone of your choice. 
  • Write random techniques on a few slips of paper, and put them into a jar. Choose a few color combos and put them into another jar. Then take ideas of themes you have for pages and put them into a third jar. Draw a slip of paper from each and build your page around that. 
  • Make random marks on your page with any type of tool that you can. Use a pencil and scribble wildly, or use a crayon and an oil pastel and try to blend them together. Use this wild, unforeseeable base, and add layers to it, creating a page intuitively, and not thinking about what you do. 
  • CREATE LIKE A TODDLER! Even I, who am still in my teens, has trouble with getting "caught up" in the product, and don't think enough about the process. Have fun, get messy, and don't worry about what comes next!
I hope you guys enjoyed these prompts. Have fun with them, and have fun creating!! 

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