Sunday, January 1, 2012

100th Post and an Announcement

Hey everybody!! This post is a huge milestone for the blog. As you have probably read in the title, this is my 100th post!! I am so excited to share 100 posts with you over however long it took. I have a goal this year. In 2012. And that is to post every day. I know that I've said that so many times before, and I'll do it too. For several months. But those months will be separated with months where I only post two or three times. Or not at all. I feel bad about that, I really do, but since I can't go back in time and write posts for those days, then there's no use dwelling on the past. Let's talk about the future now, shall we?

I thought that it was quite fitting for my 100th post to be on the first day of the year. January 1st, 2012. And my birthday is tomorrow. I'm going to be 15. But that's beside the point. The point here is to focus on some ideas that I've been having. Though I know in the past I announced a layering art journal course, I have further developed the idea since then, and am now closer than ever to allowing this course to be able to be bought by the public. Here was my idea. Every day in the month of March, I will make a video and post it to a private blog. We will talk in depth about various art journaling techniques, and how to layer them together into a cohesive piece. The price will be $10.00, with an early bird price of $7.00. If you want to donate more, there is a donate button in the sidebar of my blog. That is appreciated, but so is simply buying the course.

So that's what I've got for you today. Be on the look out for the buy button for my course, and quite possibly a free introduction video. I'll keep you posted. Bye!! :)

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