Thursday, January 19, 2012

India Ink Doodles

So today I was experimenting a little bit with india ink. I've never really played around with this so much before, but I've really enjoyed it thus far. I know when a lot of people work like this, they'll use a calligraphy pen to make thinner lines, but I decided to try this with a really thin paintbrush just dipped into the bottle of ink. I did the piece above on a basic piece of copy paper. That's something that I really enjoy doing, as it's a cheap alternative, and I just love the different effects that you can get on it.

And on this page, I'm showing you the page that I've done another layer on. I showed you this page a couple of days ago, and I just added the ink doodles today. I love the way that it looks, and I did it on top of some oil paint, which gives the page this AMAZING texture, even though it takes forever to dry. On occasion, though not as often, oil paint IS worth it. I'm not really sure all what I'm going to be adding to this page, but that is what I've got today. And I'll see you guys tomorrow.

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