Sunday, January 22, 2012

Random Pages I

Today I'm coming at you with a bit of different type of post. I'm not showing you stuff that I want to work on, or stuff that I've worked on recently. I'm not showing you a tutorial, or a video, or some part of some series that I may have been doing. Today I have something a little bit different. I want to share with you some pages that I've already done. Just a couple. Two. But I feel like they both express my personal style. In two entirely different ways. Let's start with the one above. I made this page quite a long while ago, because it was actually one of my first pages when I started art journaling. I think that this page really shows you who I am. In one aspect of my life. It's a dark, dreary, almost depressing looking page, and the quote has a slight feeling of eeriness to it as well. But the reason for that is that it's out of context. And you don't know the characters. (Isn't that your Dad's camera that he said you touch it, and die? - Dukey, Johnny Test) It's a quote. From a cartoon. And it's spoken by a talking dog that was genetically engineered by the boy's older twin sisters. His response is simply "Yes."

I think that this page represents a very different side of me. And there are, in fact, different sides. While the page above shows the somewhat morbid (as my Mom likes to joke about), but still humorous side of me, this blue and green page shows an entirely new part. I like to be funny. Happy and excitable. And I always want to be a fun person to be around. I think the bright colors of this page really express that. Blue is my favorite color, and green is my next favorite, so that is also incorporated in here. Even though it is so very different from the first page, these are both very realistic representations of me. That's something that I wanted to explain. Sometimes you don't have to be only one person. Sometimes a mix of two very different types of personalities makes a person more interesting. Being yourself is what matters. Don't be afraid to be yourself.

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