Friday, January 20, 2012


Hello, hello, hello! Today's post is going to be a somewhat short one. I know that my whole "scheduled posts" thing is going downhill fast, but we'll see. We will see. For you never know what tomorrow holds. I am only responsible for today. Today I made myself sit down and make some art. I know that sounds kind of rough, and a lot of you might not believe it. But here's the thing. We all suffer from artist's block. It's horrible. But we do. I'm having a slight case of it right now. It's hard for me to want to find the time to create, even though after I do, I'm glad I did. Today I did quite a bit of doodling with ink, acrylic paint layers, a layer of glitter, a wash, a masking tape layer; I really wanted to focus on this ONE page today, rather than fumbling around with all of my other stuff.

Normally I'll skip around a little bit in the whole deal, but today, I really felt that I wanted to see progress. And that will happen to me every now and then. It will. That's a fact. I needed to see something change. I didn't care what it was, but it needed to be something. Normally when that happens, I'll start a new page. But that's a bad habit. A really bad habit. And I'm trying to break that. Well, that's about all I've got for you guys today, but I do hope that I'll be able to get you guys a nice long post tomorrow, since it is a Saturday and everything. I probably will. :) See you guys later.

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