Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Creative Experiments 1.4

Hello my friends!! I'm back again for the second day in a row. It feels really good to be creating and sharing my art with all my internet friends after so long. Today I'm going to be doing another Creative Experiments post, which just happened to be my favorite back when I stopped. I think that I just love the idea of experimenting with a supply until I exhaust it. Then, when I've done one thing I just switch to another. I'm going to be experimenting with another white paint project today. I've used it before in this ongoing project probably about three times. Today I'm going to be using a wash of white paint. I thought that it wouldn't work, but it actually worked a lot better than I thought it would have. The piece above is something that I didn't quite hate, but I didn't really like it either. It started to bug me just sitting in my journal, so I thought I might as well try this, and if it didn't work, then oh well.

Here's the result. I love the way it looked, and the texture was amazing. I didn't really know what to do, so I did a bunch of stamping, and then I tried this technique with masking tape. Sadly, it kind of ruined the background, and it reminded me of an updated christmas wrapping paper. My mom said it reminded her of a really cluttered basket. I should have taken a picture of that before I continued on, but I hated it so much, I couldn't stand to look at it for another second. Soo... I used a rust colored oil pastel to color the page. I liked it, but then I stamped some circles over the entire page with white paint, and added a few strips of painted masking tape down by the bottom. It's cool. I like it now.

But it took a lot to get it this way. I guess the lesson learned here is that you can never be afraid to cover up good layers, and you can't be afraid of the WAY ugly layers. Oh yeah. And a white acrylic paint wash DOES work.


  1. I really like it. Experimenting is the only way to learn what works and what doesn't - right? Good job. =)

  2. Very nice! I love to get ideas from the others in the groups, so thanks in advance for sharing yours!

  3. I know what you mean by ugly....I got one of those when I was doing my art calendar page for September....and ended up putting gesso over it to tone it down. (I bought a bottle of Liquitex Basic gesso and it's awful....like cottage cheese in texture...I end up using it with my hands to spread!! I'm going to use it in recycling my cat food boxes and use them for canvases for a while!!
    Keep up the great work, love your creativeness and ability to explore and relate your experiences.

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