Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Painted Dictionary Pages

Hey guys! I'm here once again. So Blogger updated their blog layout, and as I type this, I'm sort of confused as to how this whole thing works. So let's just hope that my layout stays basically the same. I kind of like the new look though. It's different, but fairly clean and organized. Pretty cool. Today I want to share with you some painted papers that I've been working on. I started out by finding some paper to work on; I ended up going with some smaller sheets that I tore out of an old dictionary. I then painted a bunch of random colors onto it. I like the way it's working. My favorite color combination is lime and blue, so that's what I ended up with. I added some white, and a bunch of periwinkle.

Loose papers are so my new thing. I love working with them, and it's a lot different than I am used to. I kind of like that. You know, seeing something different. A change is always good. Sometimes that's what you need. Something different to kick you forward, and help you decide what is best for your artistic/creative side. Sometimes you just need to figure out something new. Something improved. And something different. I challenge you to try something different. And tell me all about it in the comments. :) See you guys later.


  1. I like this very much, the color combo is great! Keep going. Blogger loves to play with out heads, there is an opp for you to revert back to the "old" version if your not comfortable with the new thing. Have you ever read Somerset Magazine?? I'm sure you can get it at a local book store where you live. Somerset Studio is very inspirational, and I think you'll enjoy the ideas. Have fun!...Oh and my "something different" is working on small cardboard flip journal...

  2. Hi Jordan, i love this, I too love working with vintage books ;it makes me feel like i am making something old new again.

    lately i have been experiencing with water-colour crayons, and i love them, i get the precision i need thanks to the “pencil " application and then activate the paint with water + brush... magic!

  3. I just bought a couple of books from the Library bookstore, I think they are considered 'table top' books, very big and sturdy. I hope to get in and alter them in someway, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Getting a new computer (this one crashes all the time) and learning Windows 7 will begin this week, so that will take enough of my brain power for a time. Also, my new kittens are keeping me busy and we are building them an outside enclosure, just so they get fresh air and I can keep the cat box out there instead of in my bedroom. It's slow going though, hubby and I have to work on it together and he also has other projects to keep up with.


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