Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stenciled Art Journal Page

Hey guys! Guess what? I'm here for the day once again. :) I think the page that I've been working on today is one of my favorites. I know that I've said that pretty much every day for the past few weeks, but it's really true. It's really weird, but the more I art, the more I love the pages I've been working on. In the photo above you can see that I did a darkish blue background and then did a bunch of journaling on it. You can see it's rather rough, and I'm not being careful at all. Some letters are missing in a lot of the words, but for me, the journaling part is simply so I can get all my emotions out on the paper. It also doesn't really matter what it looks like since I normally cover it up later on anyways. After that I blended gesso over top of this layer with a brush.

And here's it after a few more layers. I put some stamping in there with a little bit of patterned paper that I somehow managed to blend into the background with paint. Then for the part that you really see the most of on this page. And that would be the stenciling. I cut out my own full stencil sheet on my cricut. I ended up with a nice stencil and a pretty big stack of circles that I can use in my journal. It's pretty cool. Basically, to do this, I placed my stencil on in a cool arrangement, and then painted all the circles white. I decided that it wasn't good enough, so I did some random circles in a light teal color. I love the way it turned out.

Just one last close up before I go. Here you can see a better example of the stenciling. You can see the texture of the periwinkle colored stamping behind the circles. I know I've said it before; several times in this post even; but I REALLY love the way this turned out. :P But I'll see you guys later! Bye!

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