Friday, August 19, 2011

Homemade Journals

Hey guys! So today, my post is probably going to be a little bit shorter that they normally are. Sorry about that, but all that I did today really isn't worth showing. I have come up with a plan. Basically, I have this website (that I've previously linked to on this blog) where I'm selling stuff for all types of art forms. I started out mostly with embellishments, but I'm pretty much ready to expand already. If you don't know what my personality is like, you'll probably find out soon. I'm kind of impatient. I came up with the idea to make tons of different kinds of journals and also sell them on my site. The first one that I managed to come up with is a journal made entirely of magazine/catalogue pages. It's hand bound with 5 signatures of 30 pages each (front and back) So, if you used all the pages, front and back, then you would have 150 pages to work on. That's including the front and back covers.

I'm considering offering these in 2 ways; gessoed and ungessoed. What do you guys think? I also had the idea to do a mixed paper journal, and a plain paper journal. Any other ideas? What do you guys think? See you guys later!


  1. What a great green idea to use magazines for the journals. I think I'd offer either way, gessoed or non-gessoed. Some people might like to have the magazine pages non-gessoed so that they could have parts of the pages w/o any paint on them, etc. But, some people might just want all of the pages gessoed! The best of luck to you with your store! :-)
    di (PackerDi)

  2. :) Thanks for the suggestions Di! It's very helpful to know what other people think, and your comment is much appreciated. :)


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