Monday, September 19, 2011

Art Journal Progress and Pulled Papers

Hello my friends. :)
I'm back with you guys today with yet another blog post. 
Today I worked on the first page in my new art journal, and I was so happy with what I achieved thus far.
It's not as cool yet as it will be, but so far there's only three layers. 
It will progress.
And I'll probably share it here with you guys. :)

If you guys are wondering how I do layers,
Then ask in the comments any specific questions you have.
I'm thinking about doing a little mini series here on the blog about layering.
Let me know if you're interested.

Since there aren't that many layers in this page, then I might as well list them here.
Basically I just started with some yellow poster paint.
It's a thin paint, but makes really good glazes/washes.
I went over the entire base of the page with this color. I loved it.
It's a good base.

Next I took some primary blue tempera paint and sort of blended it into the still wet yellow background with a paintbrush.
It turned a sort of green color and blended into the rest of the page.
While that was still wet, I pressed two sheets of printer paper into the wet paint (more on that later), and pulled them up.

Then I added some stamping with a zig zag rubber stamp and some olive green paint.
I randomly put it everywhere.
I kind of like the effect that it gives the whole thing.

And HERE we have the pulled pages. 
I made the spread above and got two extra papers from it. :)
I just think that's SO cool.
The thing is, the effect it gives the actual art journal is just amazing.
So the extra papers are just a bonus.

You could do any number of things with these papers.
You could cut them up and collage them into your work.
You may want to color copy them.
Or maybe do some sort of weird transfer thing with them.
I don't know.
ATC's would be cool too...
If anybody's interested in doing an ATC swap, let me know. :)
I'll host.
But I need to know if there's interest. :)

So that's all I've got for you today;
Leave any comments/interest checks in the comments below.
Comments make me happy. :)
See you guys later.

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