Saturday, September 3, 2011

Paper Beads + Index Card #2

Hey guys! I'm here again with another post!! Today I worked on quite a few things, since I actually had a day off of school today. :) It is a Saturday. Actually, this is a three-day weekend; I'm off Saturday through Monday, and go back on Tuesday. So happy that I finally get a chance to relax after a long week. You know what I mean? Well, anyways, I was working on some paper beads today. I used to make these a lot when I was younger, but they never looked this good. I've been using just plain old magazine pages. It's pretty cool. You can just see the edges, which makes it an awesome effect. I don't really know if you can really see the details in this picture that I have. You could try enlarging the picture though. I started this afternoon and so far I've made about 75. In the picture above, I am showing you 2 strands of 35. There's another strand I started somewhere else. When I actually want to use some of these in a piece of jewelry, then I can just cut the strand a bit, and then just pull off whichever ones I like or want to use. I've seen quite a few professional looking pieces using homemade paper beads. I think I'll find some ways to play with that. :)

And here's my index card of the day. I was just playing around with some different paints and layers with this card. i love the colors of this, and the cool stamped pattern on the side is one that I carved myself. I love the way that one turned out. Plus I did this really cool distressed/crackle paint texture with the blue color. It sort of came out that way, even though I wasn't even trying to. It just turned out that way. The way I did it was that I took some glue (just plain regular roseart) and spread it all over the surface of the card. After a minute or so, I let it get a little tacky, and then put some paint into it. I spread it all out, and then put a piece of paper over it and then pulled it up. I got a cool background, and after the glue dried, it crackled, and turned out really cool. I'll probably add a title, but after that, it'll be done. And that's all I've got. :) See you guys later!


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