Friday, September 30, 2011

Paper/Fabric Collage Fodder

Hey guys!!
What's going on with you guys today?
I haven't done much crafty stuff today, but I did take a few pictures for the blog.
I pulled a bunch of stuff out of my pile of supplies, and made a few piles. 
I've now officially decided to start a sort of series on collecting supplies for working in an art journal.
In other words, an series on collecting art journal fodder. 
For now, I think I'll just share with you guys what I've found so far.
Then I'll do other occasional posts about how to find and collect these things.

Are you guys ready for this?
Okay then.
Let's do it then.
Let's look up at the picture above at the first little collection I found.
I just pulled a few of the first things that came to my hand. 
I have a piece of magazine picture.
Some apple stickers.
Some printed black and white borders.
Some color scraped fabric.
Some watercolored book paper.
And a strip of colors.

There isn't as much in this picture, but I still like this selection.
I have a dyed paper towel.
A butterfly die cut.
Some pink polka dotted tissue paper.
A pulled photo paper.
And a homemade stamp that I made using craft foam and a toilet paper tube.

This was so much fun finding all of this stuff out of my stash;
So far I've just stacked it all up in a giant stack,
But I'm planning to start organizing soon.
I'm gonna try sorting by color in some type of horizontal paper storage.

But that's all I've got for you guys today.
And I'll see you guys tomorrow. :)

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