Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fearless Art Journaling - 21 Secrets

Hey guys! What goes on? 
Sorry I was gone for a couple of days, but sometimes, especially on weekends, I just get lazy.
Generally I don't do much on the weekends when it comes to art, but today I just went crazy!! 
I was really bored, and didn't want to sit around all day like I normally do.
So, I grabbed a bunch of art stuff and just started to play.
I'd say that I was probably working on art for three to four HOURS today!! 
I was a happy camper.

I worked on a bunch of art journal spreads, as well as a bunch of collage papers. 
I worked on some index cards (didn't really finish any),
and glued some pages together in my new art journal that I'm doing.
I also worked on a bunch of things from 21 Secrets.
I realized that if I didn't get to work on that soon, I'll have wasted a bunch of money.

For example.
The art journal spread in the picture above was for a course in 21 Secrets.
It was titled Fearless Painting, and I really like the way this turned out. 
She suggests getting a really LARGE art journal.
But that's not really my thing.
So I just did the same process in my normal art journal.
Because I wanted to see how that would look.
I like it I think.

Really random and free. 
I work like that a lot, but sometimes I feel like I need to just let EVERYTHING go.
You know what I mean?

I worked on a few other things today as well, including a couple of loose collage papers.
This is one that I did today. 
I started out by just putting down a layer of blue acrylic paint; just to put some color down on the page.
I had this idea for a technique, and I decided to try it out, since I was experimenting anyways.
I took a hand carved stamp that I had made out of an eraser.
And I colored in the sections with a Portfolio oil pastel.

I'm just gonna go out on a bunny trail here to talk about Portfolio oil pastels.
They are crazy awesome.
And crazy cheap.
My two favorite things when it comes to art supplies. 
They're so creamy, and rich, and smooth, and buttery.
And you can actually buy them at Staples.
Actually, as far as I know, that's the only place you can buy them.

So yeah. 
After I colored in the sections, I wet the oil pastel with water and stamped onto the background.
It gave a really cool watercolor effect.
And I simply love the way it turned out. 
Of course though, I'm biased. 

And then, of course; the last thing I have to share with you today.
I'm leaving all the other stuff for another day.
This right here is a type of monoprint that I've been working on perfecting.
I take a paper towel that I've dyed, and then place it in between two sheet of paper.
Then I just press down.
Depending on how much pressure you put, you get different effects.
For the above effect, press with a moderate pressure.
Lighter will pick up less paint, and heavier will pick up more.

Anyways, as that's all I've got for you today, then it's time for me to say goodbye.
So see you guys later. :)
See you.

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  1. Jordan,
    love your art and getting the tips. i am doing 21 secrets too. such a great lot of workshops.
    lots of love from susan in australia


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