Thursday, September 8, 2011

ICAD #7 + Cool Background

Hello my friends!! I'm here once again. I'm glad to be back after another long day. This really relaxed me. Just plain old writing about something I enjoy. You know what I mean? It's nice to actually have something fun that you can do. I decided to try something new today; working on a piece of photo paper instead of plain cardstock or paper. I was playing around, and trying to come up with new techniques, and I thought it would be interesting. It did come out pretty cool. I started with gray and added a dark green on top of it. I lifted some off and added a bunch of other stuff on top of it. It turned out really nice.

Something else that I promised I'd show you guys today was the lifting from the index card from yesterday. It's shown above. Doesn't it look cool? I love it! Actually, I love it so much that I used it for today's ICAD card.

And here it is! It was so decorative that it just needed a word. I chose this orange one because it seemed to fit well enough. But, as an advantage, I just thought it looked cooler this way. :) That's all I've got for you today, but I'll see you guys tomorrow. :)

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