Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Online Art Journal Course - Introduction!

Hey everyone!! 
I'm so sorry it's been so long since my last post;
I was doing so good, but then I kept putting it off. Ugh.
But I'm doing it now.

So yeah.
What I've got for you guys today is a bit of a surprise;
I'm doing an online art journal course! 
That's right all.
I'm hosting it!
It's gonna be really cheap;
Probably only five or ten bucks.
What do you guys think about that?
Basically, it's just going to be a course on layering in your art journals.
That's sort of my thing.

So today, I just wanted to sort of do a review of some pages I've done in the past.
A bit of a reminder. 
I'll be able to show here some of the different techniques I've used in the past, and give MYSELF a sort of reminder of the possibilities.
So here it goes.

Of course this isn't nearly the amount of stuff I have hanging around here, but I thought it would be enough to hold you guys over til tomorrow.
I'm definitely posting tomorrow since I have the reveal of another color combo challenge.

See you guys tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Hi There these are so great..I love your pages...I wish I had your talent when I was a teen..I was a late bloomer, but Im glad I made it here...what a wonderful artist you are and an inspiration to us all..! Thanks for sharing all of your creations..!


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