Thursday, September 15, 2011


Hey guys. I'm back again.
And I'm using the new format again.

I like it a lot more, and it sort of makes short posts a bit longer.
It's kind of stupid, but it's true. :/
So today's post is pretty simple. It's basically just this one card. 
The reason for that being that I was gone ALL DAY today practicing my volleyball.
And then after that I had a game. So I'm sure you guys get it.

Now onto the card.
This was a really fun card to make, and it was really simple. I used a dark green paint, a light blue paint, and a bright red paint. 
I actually just dabbed it on with a paper towel.
It looked pretty cool.

Then, before the paint dried, I sprinkled on some gold glitter.
Then added the word down in the corner.
And that's it.
That's what I've got for this card.

Actually, that's all I've got for this POST. 
See you guys later. Bye.

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