Tuesday, September 13, 2011


That's right my friends. I am here. For a while at least. :) And, if you look at the headline/title of today's post you'll see what's going on today. You remember about a week ago when I told you all about a challenge I was doing with the one and only Dede? Dede is pretty much a hero of mine when it comes to art, and so when she said she'd love to do a challenge with me, it made me pretty happy. :) I didn't tell you guys what the challenge was going to be, but now it's time for the REVEAL!!! Looking at the edited/words added picture above, you can see the color combo for the very first time; Navy Blue, Hot Pink, and Yellow. Now mind you, when I was DMing with Dede on twitter I picked those colors right off the top of my head, with no thoughts about how hard it would be. Dede probably came up with something totally awesome with no trouble. :)))) But I had a little difficulty with this combination for some reason. I think my problem was that my yellow kept mixing with the navy and making lime. :) But after enough layers I finally came up with this:

Yeah. I like it. A lot. It was really fun to make, and it ended up exactly as I had visioned it. Pretty much. Actually, I've been dropping a bunch of hints about this color combination. Probably about three or four. :) I wanted to see if anyone would see a pattern in my work. I would actually show some things with those colors in it. For example, I think I did an index card, a loose paper, and I told you about one of the homemade stamps I was using. You can see it as a border around the top half of the page. The journaling was just done on white cardstock with a regular sharpie. I glued it down, then ran over the top with yellow paint.

Here's that just a bit closer, and you can see some of the scattered glitter pieces around the edges of this piece. I love the way the glitter went around the page though I sort of focused it in this corner:

And here it is. :) For you followers of my blog, you may see (or at least sense) something a bit familiar in this page. If you haven't been reading my blog you probably won't. But this corner was collaged with... you might have guessed it... the paper towels I dyed a few days ago!!! Yeah. It is. Doesn't it look cool? I just loved the texture that it added, and I thought it looked pretty cool. I'm glad that I finally worked up the courage to push through and actually use one in a piece of art. If you remember, the paper towels actually looked really light in color. But what I found is that when I collaged them into my piece, they turned darker, to a hot pink. It was pretty cool. So... make sure to hop on over to Dede's blog... she'll be posting her page for our challenge after I. :) No ICAD today, but hopefully one tomorrow, when I'll see you guys again!! And that's all she wrote.


  1. I love your take on the color challenge, Jordan! It was alot of fun and inspiring to do it!

  2. GREAT Page Jordan!
    Yours shows more pink than Dede's.....LOL!
    LOVE that you added your own touch - the glitter..

  3. LOL. Yeah Dale... Pink really isn't my thing, so I'm glad I really went for it. It was sort of a personal challenge for me. :) Thanks for the comment.

  4. Your unique approach: combining those luminous colors, interesting layering, and grungy-type border peeping through really looks fantastic! And you created that border yourself? Wow! Great inspiration to try out. You're very talented and adventurous (boldly trying new techniques)! thanks for sharing:) Sometimes those colors we don't really like, complement those that we do ;)


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