Sunday, June 24, 2012

30-30-30 Challenge, and ICAD #24

Hey guys. It's Jordan. I know that you guys probably figure that by now, but I just thought I'd tell you anyways. That way you know I wasn't hacked or anything like that. Anyways. Sorry for the late post. I really hate getting them to you like this, but I do what I have to do. Today we watched a movie. Together. As a family. And I couldn't just bail so that I could write on my blog. Sometimes it stinks being busy. Plus, I tried to do this earlier, before the movie, but the power was out. As was the internet. So I was completely and totally helpless.

Anyways. I present you with my 30-30-30 page of the day. As of today, I am officially half of the way through the challenge. And it HAS been an adventure, I'll tell you that much. I love the way today's page turned out; I really think that it expresses who I am as an artist. Not all bright colors and fun and games. Though the topic of the page is rather lighthearted. 

And here is my ICAD. My 24th card. Can you believe that? It's crazy. Honestly, it is. It doesn't feel like that long to me for some reason. Even though the challenge has definitely had it's ups and downs, I feel like it's been enjoyable to me overall. 

But more on the topic of this card; I didn't use a prompt today. Can you believe that? I don't know if I can, to be honest with you. It's pretty crazy. I haven't done that. But I do like the way it turned out, so I don't really mind. Anyways. I'll see you guys tomorrow. Hopefully a little earlier.

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