Friday, June 1, 2012

ICAD #1: Newspaper + "Rise Above It"

Okay. So here I am with yet another prompt page. Today's question asked me which song I thought best represented how I felt above my life right now. I chose the song "Rise Above It" by Switchfoot. Love that band. I feel as if I could be saying these words to all of the people surrounding me in my day to day life; this is honestly how I feel most people feel like. And I feel as if I could have been the author to this song. It's very much how I feel my life is like. Not for me personally, but for people that I know. That I am around. I cut today's title out of various newspaper and junk mail papers, as I have been doing for the past few days. I just love the effect that it gives.

However, I'm not quite so sure how I feel about today's page in general. I mean, I love the way that it looks, but I don't like how thin it is. Today my paper just decided that it wanted to wrinkle up; so much so that I find it difficult to even want to maneuver around it. I am hoping that tomorrow's page, working on the back of this one, will straighten everything out and totally thicken the page itself. 

Today I again used circles, as I keep finding myself drawn to them. But I'm trying to use different colors. Less blue and green, and more warm colors. That's what I was trying to achieve with this page. The journaling is also very much my personal opinion on a topic. I love the way that always turns out to me. Even if I don't like the look of a page, I can always count on the journaling to cheer me up.

Something else that I wanted to share with you today is my ICAD card. This is my very first one, as the challenge started today. Here I used my favorite colors, and felt a whole lot more in my comfort zone that I did with my other page I did today. I also used one of the prompts that she suggested, which was simply "dictionary". So I used some dictionary paper on this card. 

Here's just a little bit of a better view of it. I know that this post is a little bit shorter than the rest of the posts I've had this last week, but I'm pretty tired, and am just throwing this together before bed. Hopefully tomorrow I'll come up with a bit of a longer post for you guys, and even this one isn't TOO short. So yeah. I guess I'll see you guys tomorrow!


  1. I love your page, the circles are freaking awesome...and your card for today is totally starting off on the right foot in a big way. It's going to be awesome to see what else you come up with over the next couple months.

  2. Your Rise Above It is a great journal page. Really love your iCAD. The vintage picture has me wondering what her story is. Was she a mail order bride? Did her true love journey to the New World and she is waiting to join him? Nicely done!

  3. your journal page and ICAD card are colorful and well made art and that is the important thing. I think you did a great job! the summer journey with index cards is going to be fun, I just know it.

  4. awesome colors on the index card. love the way it looks stitched.

  5. I came over for the ICAD which I love, but I do love your other art work that you've shown here too. I look forward to seeing lots more. :)


  6. Great icad collage - Yahoo! I look forward to seeing more!


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