Thursday, June 7, 2012

ICAD 7: Map

Hey everybody. My post for you guys today is going be a bit shorter than it normally is; I didn't have a chance to really work in my journal a whole lot today; at least not enough to show you guys. I was practicing basketball. I'm trying really hard to improve so that I don't completely suck when I join the team at my school next year. But I'm getting better. Earlier this week I played a one on one game with this kid from my school and lost 7:2. Today I lost 7:5. Not nearly as bad. But I did make a card for ICAD. I had to force myself to do that though. Today just wasn't really a crafty day. I don't know why. Hopefully I'll get a little bit more into it tomorrow. I still love art, I just have my moments. When I'd rather go for a swim or play basketball. I'm not sure why, it just happens.

Today's card prompt was "map". There were about a million different directions that I could have gone with this, but I decided to go with the first thing that came to my brain, which was to print a map off of the internet and used it as a piece of pattern paper for my card. Then I continued the collage with several other different pieces of paper ephemera. There's a border that is extremely similar to yesterday's card. But when I'm inspired by something, then it inspires me. And I'm not afraid to use it over and over again. I love that about my style. Anyways. That's what I've got for you guys today, and I'll see you tomorrow!

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