Friday, June 22, 2012

More Artwork/Experimentation

Okay. So I'm back with you guys yet again. Sorry that it has been so late the past few days though. It's just that I get really caught up with the stuff I've been doing every day, and it just kind of uses up a bunch of time. So I've been doing these posts while lying in bed at night. It's not that difficult for me to do, and I get my daily post in. You know how it is, I'm sure. Plus, I've been arting up to the very end of the day as of late, so that has a lot to do with it as well. 

Anyways. Something that I've been experimenting with a bit more lately is portraits/faces in my journal.  I just thought that it would be a fun thing to play around with; plus I'm not very good at it. Not yet anyways. So doing a few of these every now and again really sort of drills it into my brain. I've been doing them on two page spreads in my journal, instead of on single pages, but that's because I just like the look of it better. I'm sure I could do one on a single page if I wanted to. In the picture above, you can see one of the portraits I've been working on with the base of it laid down. And the beginnings of the background. And that's that.

Today is Day 13 of my 30-30-30 challenge, and this is my page for today. I decided to do today's page about the seasons, and how I think it's amazing that they can change so drastically, especially in particular part of the world. The background was actually woven from strips of magazine papers, glued down to the background, and then painted over with a thin layer of white paint, just to tone it down a bit. I thought that it turned out pretty interesting.

I also love the way that the paper layering turned out on this page. Sometimes my layering doesn't turn out quite the way I would have liked it to. But I thought this was a good one.

My ICAD today was actually a sketch; my first one that I've done on these little cards. I don't really know why; I've been told that I'm actually pretty good at drawing. And I enjoy it too. Actually, I'm working on a drawing of a Phoenix right now. Actually just putting the finishing touches on it. Maybe I should post a picture of that one of these days. But the ICAD prompt that I used today was on one of the (new) weekly prompts. It was to sketch a bicycle. And I just so happened to have a photo that I took lying around of my bike at a cool, unique (I think) angle. And I drew it. And I like it. A lot.

And then, here we have, once more, my In The Sun class page. I love the prompt for today, and I think that my page turned out pretty good. A little dark for my taste though. But that's okay. Not every page has to be perfect. Plus, I might add onto it later, so that I like it more. Anyways, the prompt was to make a background using magazine paper strips and washi tape, then write your daily schedule over the top of the page. Notice that practice basketball is on there. Alongside art. :) Yep. That's pretty much my world right there. 

She also gave us a bonus prompt to do over the weekend, and I think I'm going to go for it. I'll probably also do my other page that I never did over the weekend as well. Sometimes I just feel like I don't have enough stuff to do in a day, but I don't really know what kind of art I want to work on. These little prompts work wonders for that. Anyways. That's all I have for you guys today, and I'll see you tomorrow!

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  1. Hi, just popped by from 'In the Sun', interesting to see your thought processes and your results! I'm doing ICAD too, busy, busy, busy...


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