Friday, June 29, 2012

30-30-30 Challenge: Day 20

Hello my friends. How are you guys doing today? I was working on a whole bunch of stuff today; finishing up my pieces for my art journal color challenge. For those of you who were wondering, or just wanted a bit of a refresh... the reveal is TOMORROW! I'll let you know the colors then! :)

However, let's get on to today's art. This is my In The Sun page for today. I haven't really been enjoying the way that these pages have been turning out for me, so I thought that it would probably turn out a bit better if I tried to lighten it up. I looked at the pages that I didn't really enjoy, and they were all extremely dark. So I tried to do the opposite. And this is what I came up with. I really like it; it seemed to turn out perfectly, especially for what I was looking for. I was trying for something a bit more simple, so I didn't use a photo. I love it.

And this is today's ICAD. I decided to use one of the prompts today, even though I haven't really been using them lately. I used the prompt 'butterfly'. This is what I came up with. I wasn't really sure exactly what I was going to be doing, so I did the background first, with all of the circles and the colors. Then I added the butterfly, and decided to layer the words on top of it. And that is that. 

And here is my 30-30-30 challenge page for today. I don't every really know how I did this page; I used a bunch of layers; watercolors, acrylics, and lots of other layers of paper and doodling. There are a lot of little details in this page that I love as well.

Here I layered a stenciled butterfly with the title and photo. The journaling overlaps with it as well. I loved the coloring of this page as well. It turned out pretty cool. Also, today marks my 2/3 point of this challenge. I've really enjoyed this. And I'm looking forward to seeing it finished through to the end.

Then, of course, I have the tab. I was searching through a whole bunch of my stuff today, and found a bunch of different kinds of tabs. I was freaking out. Seriously. I think I almost passed out. :) And I was just thinking about how cool a book would look with different colored and shaped tabs sticking out all over the place. Ha. I'm such an art nerd. :) But there's no problem with that. Anyways, make sure that you check back tomorrow to see the reveal of my color challenge! Actually, there might even be two posts tomorrow. One with my regular art, and one for the challenge. So make sure you check back! See you then! Bye!

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