Thursday, June 14, 2012

30-30-30: Day 5, ICAD, and In The Sun Class

Hey guys! How is everyone doing today? Good? I hope so. I was working on some more art today; pretty much the same projects that I've been doing for the past couple of days. I feel like I'm getting into a kind of rhythm. Which I like. It gives me something to do with my time during the summer, and it just feels good overall. And I've been doing these different projects in a different order every day. For example, one day I might do the ICAD first, then the In The Sun Class, and finish off with the 30-30-30. But I might do them completely differently on another day. I like that too.

Today I'd like to start off by showing you the 30-30-30 page. I love the way this turned out today, and it's my favorite thing that I made today. I think it has a lot to do with the color combination. I love the way red and aqua look together. It's just so bold and straightforward. It's awesome.

I also think that I like it so much because it's very much my style. In past art journals, I've normally used a bunch of paint, and no photographs. I always wanted to find a way to incorporate them into my style. But I never really knew how. However, as I've been experimenting these past couple of days, I really have enjoyed the results. I think it's cool that I can add these new techniques into my style and really make it my own.

The same type of concept applies to my In The Sun page from today. I did a bunch of collage on this page, and used a little paint. I also did some doodling. The other day, when I was doodling on the photo of the lemonade, I had the thought that I might be able to do it on photos of people. I didn't know if it would work for a fact, but I tried it anyways. The first couple of people that I tried to do this technique on turned out horribly; it just looked like I was trying to deface them. However, this one seemed to work. So I decided to incorporate this one into today's page. And I love it.

I ended up doing a spread today, mostly because I didn't want to just work on a small little page today. Which was what was next in my homemade journal. 

Here's a better view of it. I really like it. A lot. You can see all of the journaling that I did on this page; a lot of times I don't journal at all, but this is one of the things that I've been really working on lately. I try to work on things like that one at a time, progressing slowly. But surely. 

And now we have the ICAD for today. This is my fourteenth card. And the prompt I used for today was 'colors of winter'. I love the way that this card turned out as well. When I started it, the concept that I had for it was a lot different than this, but I like the way that it turned out. 

And honestly, that's all I've got for you guys today. And I'll see you tomorrow!


  1. Wonderful pages, all three of them. I like what you did with the photo, I may have to try that!

  2. Thanks for sharing your great pages!! LOvE the red and aqua combo-YUM!

  3. Yes I've been looking for a way to incorporate photos and make my scrapbook pages not so cute! I like what you did with your pages here! fantastic! Patsy from


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