Saturday, June 2, 2012

"Obsession" and ICAD #2: Yellow

Hey everyone! I'm here with the same kind of stuff I had for you yesterday. An art journal page made from a prompt from the 5,000 Question Survey, and an index card for ICAD. But we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Let's start out with the art journal page first.

Today's prompt was "Have you ever taken martial arts?" Oh. My. Goodness. They needn't have asked that question. The whole martial arts thing set me off on this big spew about my life story with martial arts. Liking TMNT and corny ninja movies as a child, and evolving into a person who still loves martial arts and ninjas with all of her soul. Seriously. See all of that journaling? Nobody writes that much about martial arts. Not unless they really like it. Like me. And in case you guys were wondering/didn't know... yes I did take martial arts. And I was rather good at it too, if I do say so myself. My master told me that when I got to be a black belt, he believed that I could be the first person from his school to win a national black belt tournament. Unfortunately, we had to move. It was extremely disappointing, and the cost of living is much higher down here in Florida than it was in Ohio.

But, on a higher note, let's talk about the page itself, shall we? I started out with the page being orange. I wanted to play with opposites, as the Creative Every Day prompt for this month asked of us, so I tried some blue on top of that.

And from there, I tried to work with a Traci Bautista inspired style. But you can see what happened from there. It changed. From that, into my style. Although you can still see some of the creative paint doodles showing through. I did like the way that the page looked, I really did, but the problem wasn't that I didn't like the doodles. It was that I didn't like how it wasn't my style. It didn't match the rest of my journal, so it didn't really work out...

So, from there I added a thick layer of white paint over top of the whole thing. I was thinking about letting it dry that way, and just starting over, but I didn't really like the idea of all of my precious paint doodles going to waste over the surface. So, in any of the places that I had doodled with paint the various circles and flowers, I picked up the white paint with a paper towel. Just blotted it up. Then I let it dry that way.

Then, after that, I went over the entire thing with yellow paint. And that's where I got my final layer. I loved the way it turned out, and I really think that this page is a whole lot more me than the other one was.

Here's one last close up of one of my flower doodles. It's not quite the same as it was when it was more Traci Bautista inspired, but it's a lot more distressed and cracked. Totally my style. I love.

And here is my ICAD of the day. I used the prompt 'yellow' for this card; I painted the back of an index card with bright yellow paint. Then I took a deep yellow color and used a pallet knife to spread it all over the background. Then I used a rust colored porfolio oil pastel to draw the doodles on the edges. The photo is from a magazine and the word is from a printed out collage sheet I got off the internet. 

And, quite honestly, that's all I have for you guys today. I'll be back with all of you guys tomorrow! See you!

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  1. Hi Jordan: You are 15 yrs old? Happy to meet you. Visiting from as a new member. I have a niece who is about 12 who would be inspired by you so I'll share your blog.

    Love the chartreuse color of your journal page, and the text.

    Have a nice evening.


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