Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sneak Peek and Art Project Update

Hey everybody! I've got some exciting stuff to share with all of you guys today! At least I think that it's exciting. But, once more, I am completely and totally biased. 

But, to start us off today, I am going to be sharing a little bit of a sneak peek of something that I have been working on. Remember the other day, when I mentioned that I was going to be doing a couple of ecourses? Well, I've been further developing these ideas, and coming up with some ideas for them, and I've been doing that through working in my art journal. My big one. I did a lot of that today, and I greatly enjoyed it. As you can see in the picture above, I found a way to get a lot of texture into any given piece, and, even though it takes some work to get it to that point, I personally believe that it is totally worth it. More on that at a later date.

So let's get started on the project updates now, shall we? I believe that we shall. I think we're going to get the ball rolling with my 30-30-30 page for today. I love this page, and the way that it turned out, even though I went through a lot of layers to get the background as textured and interesting (I think) that it is. It is difficult to see in the photograph however. Just a lot of the fine details of the piece were lost through the internet. That is one of the sad things that we do have to deal with.

However, something that I have very much enjoyed with this project, that I don't think I have mentioned before, is the fact that these are really starting to make me think. Something that I have been doing with them, is taking a newspaper page, picking out a random word that I really think could either relate to me, or lead to some really good journaling, and then just use that as my title. It's simple, quick, and easy to do. Not to mention the fact that it's just plain interesting.

Now we move onto the ICAD. This, for me, is ICAD #21. I personally am somewhat surprised that I actually made it this far. Three weeks today. On the nose. It's been a good journey thus far, and I look forward to keeping it up for the full 61 days. Who knows what I'm going to do with them all after that, but we will certainly see. I was thinking mini art journals, using these cards as the covers. 61. Little art journals. We'll see how that one turns out. But I thought it was an interesting thought. I wouldn't run out of mini journals for a while. Plus, it might give me a nice theme for the book. Who knows. It might happen. Might being the key word there, but...

ANYWAYS. The card itself today was based upon the daily prompt that Tammy has decided to start doing. Which is a bit lucky for me, because I had no idea what I was going to do with the remainder of the weekly prompts. It would have been a challenge, that's for sure. However, the prompt today was 'a funny joke'. Now I KNOW that this card isn't going to make sense to anyone but me. But that's because, instead of telling a joke, I decided to go with an inside joke. Yep. Cause that's the way I roll.

And last, but certainly not least, I have my In The Sun page for today. I wasn't able to complete two pages in this journal today in order to "catch up", as I was planning to do (not enough time), so I decided to simply do today's prompt instead. We'll see if I'll do the other one. I have an idea for it, so I might have to. We will see.

But today's prompt was actually a music video prompt. And there, in the middle of the music video, for a split second, was a photo of a sunset. And then the next thing I knew, they were doing cartwheels in the sand. I don't know. But I knew exactly what I was going to do. I used this photo that I took a few days ago, when we were watching the sunset with the friends that were visiting. It's my favorite photo I took of the sunset. And I think the page itself turned out great.

Plus, I just love the way the background turned out. I wasn't exactly sure when I started if it was going to pan out, but it did. I'm happy with it. And to me, that's all that really matters. I'll see you guys tomorrow. Bye!! :)

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  1. Thanks for sharing on AJED. Love the layers of texture in your first two photos and the sunset page is lovely!


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