Tuesday, June 12, 2012

In The Sun, 30-30-30, and ICAD2

Hello everyone! How are you all doing today? Well. I hope it's good. But you know I can't really hear you from my living room. However. If you answered me out loud, you are officially awesome. If you want to answer me out loud right now, then you can still be considered awesome. If not, then I guess that's okay too.

I had quite a bit of fun with my art today. And this my friends, is the reason that I love prompts. I'll get to the reason why in a moment. At least one of the reasons.

The first thing that I worked on today was my second page for the In The Sun Class. Today's prompt told us to write some things about summer. Or to summer. And then we were prompted to doodle on our magazine page. Or photo. Whichever thing it was that we happened to choose. Well here's how it went down for me. I decided that, for this particular page, I wanted to use an image from a magazine. i wasn't really sure which photo I wanted to use, or even how many magazines I was going to have to look through before I would be able to start.

But it just happened that the odds were in my favor today. Ever in my favor. I was looking at the pile of crap to my right. Don't question the pile. Just leave it alone. And right there, at the very BOTTOM (of course) of the pile, I saw a magazine page. I didn't have a clue in the world what was on this page. But I was so tempted to pull the page out from underneath the teetering stack, that I didn't even try to resist. And as soon as I did, I was glad that I had done so. For this image is what stared back at me. I was so excited about it, mostly because this journal is supposed to be celebrating summer. Well. In my opinion, there's nothing that screams summer more than lemonade. Besides a pool. Or cookouts. Or basketball. But that's beside the point. The point is that this photo was absolutely perfect for my page. AND I loved, and still love, the colors.

I cut a portion of the image out, making it purposely smaller than my page, so that I would have room to journal. Which was one of the prompted things to do. I wrote my little notes about summer around the page, and I loved the way that it turned out. I had just enough to say, and just enough room to say it. Don't you love it when that happens? I know I do.

Then I added the title. I wasn't quite so sure what I wanted to do about the title, but I decided on a very simple "I Love Summer". One of the reasons that I love summer is that school is out. But I'm sure that before long, I'll probably be ready for school to start back up again. We'll see. I seem to be keeping pretty busy, with the blogs and my business and all. If you think about it, perhaps consider visiting my business blog here. I've been posting little snippets about the upcoming fashion line, and today I started a "What I Wore Today" series. And my partner Sarah is starting hers tomorrow. I think. 

The final thing I did to this page, which I absolutely LOVED was doodle. I had been prompted by Natalie to doodle on my photograph. Well. I started out with just a little bit of doodling around the top of the cups. But the more doodling I did, the more I just couldn't stop it. I ended up doodling around the entire outline of the photograph, and I love how it turned it into an almost cartoon - esque photo in and of itself. I really love the way it turned out, and I'll probably try it again very soon.

Actually, I was so inspired by the doodling on that page, that I continued that on my 30-30-30 page today. I'm not really sure WHY there's a photo of lemonade (or limeade, or whatever it is in this picture) on a page about sports. But we'll go with it. I think it might have something to do with the fact that sports make you thirsty. I think that's probably it.

But yeah. I continued the theme of the doodling on photographs over to this page. And again, I love the way that it turned out. I did journaling on this page though, which isn't something that I did on my other pages. I think that had a lot to do with the fact that I didn't have a clue in the world what I was going to do in that blank space. But I had some red paint on my pallet, and so I painted on some journaling lines and got to work.

This page was a little more difficult time-wise than the other two pages have been. You would think that it would keep getting easier and easier. But it's not true. Not at all. At least not for me it isn't. The journaling took up quite a bit of time, as did the doodling. I was getting to the point where I thought that I wouldn't finish. It was kind of a race against the clock. But it felt good. Almost like adrenaline. A rush. Who knew you could get a rush from doing art. Ha. But I always do when I do math, so I don't know why this would surprise me.

Here's a bit of a better photo of the doodling that I did on this photograph. I was a little more free than I was on my other page, but the time constraint really fed into that. I had to work a little bit quicker, so I couldn't be nearly as neat as I was on the other page. But I like both of them. Both of these pages turned out quite nicely in my opinion, and I love the way that my art seems to progress as I work on it. Sometimes I look back at my old scrapbook pages and wonder what the heck I was thinking. But then I come to two realizations. One, these were my very first attempts at paper crafts. I can't expect them to be as good as what I'm doing now, or as good as what I want to do now. I'm sure that a younger me would be shocked to see how much they would improve. Two. I was seven.

Here I present you with ICAD #12: Experiment. Now this card; I tried a few techniques that I haven't before, and a few that I haven't done in a while. It seemed to be a nice little refresh of some of the techniques that I had almost forgotten about. Anyways. The idea for this card sprung from an old technique that I'm sure a lot of you probably haven't thought about for a while. Drawing on a piece of paper with a white crayon, then going over it with watercolors. Or markers. Or a wash. I used to do that when I was really, really young, and all I did was color. All day. Every day. I thought it was fun. But I was thinking the other day. 

It's the wax that resists the mediums you put on top of it. Not the color. So would it work the same way if I did the same thing with colored crayons? What would happen? Well, I tried that out. I took some crayons in yellow, orange, and red, and drew dark, waxy swirls all over the base of my index card. Then I went over it with a reddish-orange watercolor paint. And it did work. And it looked pretty cool. A couple layers followed after that; red artist quality paint applied with a pallet knife, followed by a layer of yellow poster paint, which blended with the not yet dry paint. And this was the result. I added the caption and was done with it. And I like it.

That's all I've got for you guys today though, and I hope to see you tomorrow! Bye!

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