Sunday, June 3, 2012

"Memories" and ICAD #3": Collage

Hey guys! I'm back with yet another page in my journal today. Today's prompt asked me if my life generally got better, worse, or stayed the same. As I was thinking over this very important prompt, I realized something. I think that even though I have had some bad events in my lifetime, I think that my life generally gets better and better. And I realized that was because I tend to look on the bright side of things. When I have a good moment in a day, I add that memory to my brain. And sometimes I'll look back at the day and laugh. At all of the extremely funny things that occur during the day. Funny things that happen, funny things that people say; just adding a new story to tell.

I have decided to allow these small moments in my day to build. I still think about things that happened MONTHS ago. Even years. Because I realize that these things are important. That they are the things that make me happy. At least a part of it.

So that was the thought process behind the page. So now let's go into another part of it; the actual page itself. I decided to go with a purple for this page today, and it actually decided that it wanted to work in my favor. It seems that every time I decide that I want to make my page in a certain color, it evolves into something COMPLETELY different. And I mean completely. I don't even remember what I was trying to do half the time. But this one did work out.

I worked with some more Traci Bautista inspired doodles in the background; you can kind of see them a little bit in this picture here. There's a type of border piece along the left side, and a flower in the upper right. I really like the way these pieces look when they are incorporated into my layers; that's what I love about art journaling. You can literally take tiny pieces from somebody's style and make it your own. Use it with your own style. Make your own little collection of styles. And use it in a new and creative way.

A part of MY personal style that I really seemed to have grown attached to (I think tomorrow I'll try something different) is the cut out letter titles. I LOVE these things. With a lot of my being. It's really strange. But I find myself attracted to the randomness of them; the unique quality, and the knowing that no one can really ever copy it piece for piece. It's just cool. And that's something that I think everybody needs to do. Find a few things that they really think represent THEM as an artist, and find other things that they think do the same. Create their own style, rather than copy others. Even though I realize that I am guilty of that on occasions.

And now, last, but certainly not least, I have your daily ICAD. Love this one today. It seems so simple, but I just love the unequal quality of it all. Nothing really quite lines up the way it "should". And I like that. The prompt that I used today was "collage". This one was super easy, and I think my other two cards could also qualify under this category. But that's okay. That's the prompt I was INSPIRED by today. :) 

I'm going to go now, but I'll speak to all of you tomorrow! Goodbye! 

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  1. It's how we deal with the bad in our life that shapes our character. Your journal page turned out really nice and I love the message on your iCAD.


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